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    Krank Golf Formula 11 Reviews

    This is not a “Krank review”, but it is a review of The Krank Driver-Formula X11. Who am I?.....a 70+ professional gentleman who has been playing golf since the age of 11. I’ve used persimmon, steel, aluminum insert MT Tourney’s, Bobby Jones, Titleist and Mizuno……..and as I aged my driving distances have tumbled from 240 -250 yds to just over 200. Over the past week I was lucky to return to the course I grew up on, Westmoreland C.C. in Export, Pa. I also played at the Jack Nicklaus Signature Course called Nevillewood. After using the Krank Formula X11, I can honestly say, ”hello to 20-25 extra yards” with the same effort. The feel as the driver head strikes the ball is secure, with positive feedback. So, what’s the bottom line?’s worth a try for those looking for extra yardage without the extra effort! Plain and simple.  

    Thomas Rosenberg, MD

    Krank Golf Formula 11 5 star review
    I am 60 years old and I just got the new F11PRO driver with the atmos shaft and I am averaging 30 more yards more than last year's extreme x. I absolutely love it and I'm hitting it straighter. I have owned several other drivers such as the epic and also taylor mades. This f11 with the atmos shaft is by far the best I have ever owned. I would definitely recommend this driver and after my friends see me hit it they just don't believe how far it goes. They say it can't meet the USGA standards but it does.  Sincerely, 

    Mike Homsy

    Krank Golf Formula 11 5 star review
    My story to share for you… and its real.Listen, my friend George tells me that Krank sells a driver for slower speed older fellow like myself at 71 years of age – was hitting 200 some of the times, until I got the Krank driver. Well, call me, email me, visit me, I’ll show you that I now hit 250 often of the times, otherwise 220 guaranteed… and that is after a few driving range practices and a half dozen games – I’m actually improving yard by yard. 

    Roland Thomas, NMD 

    Krank Golf Formula 11 5 star review
    I am a 75 year old retired Air Force golfer. Played a lot of golf while in the Air Force from Illinois, Florida, Texas, Korea, Philippines and Germany. This driver totally surprised me. I did a little tinkering with settings, but after playing two rounds took it back to the original settings. The ball really comes off the face of the club with a lot of velocity.I just shot my age yesterday, hitting from the senior tees. It is nice to hit a seven or eight into par 4’s.  On two of the short par 4’s I hit a wedge, which I have never done at my home course.Not sure of the exact distance I am hitting the driver, I know it is more than 20 yards with roll out. Just have to swing within myself and not try to over swing. It is a sweet sounding club! 

    Ret. CMSgt Danny “Mac” Jeffreys 

    Krank Golf Formula 11 5 star review
    Hi Lance , I can't say Thank You enough times for building The F11 XX driver. I am 68 years old and over the last 10 years I have gone thru 20 drivers searching for that extra 20 - 30 yards. I have the F11 XX and I LOVE It!!!!  My swing speed is Low at 65 mph and the course that I play has a par 3 that I could never reach because of a huge bunker in front of the green. On my first attempt I flew it over the green!! My playing partners said what the hell is that!! I just turned and said with a Huge Grin this is my New Krank F11. This is the BEST Driver that I have ever owned and I tried them All. Thanks Again!!! 

    Doug Nasur 

    Krank Golf Formula 11 5 star review